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545 West 700 S

Woodbine Food Hall is Salt Lake City's culinary treasure in the heart of the historic Granary District. Our diverse food hall is a mosaic of global flavors. Whether you're a local, an out-of-towner, or in one of the many Utahn communities, all are welcome to savor our culinary delights.

545 West 700 S is not just a place to eat; it's an historical gem, preserving the history of a building that's an architect's dream. Our space is a canvas for creativity, adorned with graffiti from local artists that echoes the vibrant energy of the warehouse district. Drift Lounge, our bar, is the heartbeat of our community, where people from all walks of life gather.

Versatility defines us – from intimate gatherings to large events, our expansive venue accommodates every occasion. Join us in celebrating the spirit of Salt Lake City, where community, creativity, and supporting local businesses come together.

COME WORK AT WOODBINE! We have amazing wifi available for all of our customers, ranging from students, remote workers, freelance and everything in between!

woodbine food hall salt lake city


Woodbine Presents:

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